A visual archive of WILU on Flickr


Over a hundred great photos of WILU have been uploaded to the new WILU group on the photosharing website Flickr. You may have noticed some designatedphotographers floating snapping pictures at the breaks, lunches, social events and sessions. We are hoping these photos capture some of the lively mood and bright faces of the conference over the last few days. This is a public photo sharing group. We encourage you to upload your photos and add them to this Flickr group (you will first need a free Flickr account). The more the better! Also feel free to leave comments.


6 responses to “A visual archive of WILU on Flickr

  1. nice job with the Flickr pix! you might want to mention that you have to join the Flickr group in order to see the pictures (if you’re not a member, all you see is one picture in the group pool).

    thanks for blogging/flickr-ing WILU! it’s a real treat for those of us who can’t be there 🙂

  2. Do I have to use a special sign-in to see the pix? There is only 1 pic showing on the Flickr site…

  3. You need to join the group in order to see the pix. It would be nice tho if the groups photos could be seen by the general public by default (*hint* *hint*)

  4. You know, there is something strange going on with the tags in Flickr. For some reason, many photos with the tag WILU aren’t showing up in the photo widget on the blog’s front page or if you do a global search. I can’t figure it out!

  5. I think I figured it out – many of the photos are loaded into a new account that is pending review. These photos won’t appear automatically until the account is ‘approved’ by the Flickr powers. But I think I’ve fixed the feed on this blog so that more photos do show up (and thanks Mita (and Karina) for your photos!).

  6. Odd… it seems that this tool on the side of the blog that previews the flickr group must be operating on the tag “WILU”, because it shows pictures that I have not even sent to the group! I took many of scenes around the campus and uploaded the batch to my account, but I figured that other delegates do not necessarily want to see a pile of scenes without any people, which is why I did not add all mine to the group. Yet, it seems this side panel previews anything uploaded recently with the tag.

    I suppose the test would be to put a “WILU” tag on an unrelated photo and see if it shows up.


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