Accomodation in Residence


Well, I imagine that everyone else has pretty much the same to say about the Pond Road Residence – what a disappointment for the money we paid!

Most of us probably ended up with “single” rooms, which we paid $93 and a change a night for – that got us a bed with a mattress that would probably make anything in Kingston Penitentiary seem like the Ritz by comparison, two towels, a face cloth, one WAFER of soap and a plastic glass!  The bedding consisted of a paper-thin sheet with a terry cloth “blanket” on top, and a small pillow that was basically fluff. Like many others, I FROZE on the first night – it felt like the beddspread was taking OUT the heat, rather than keeping it IN! I was so cold that I wrapped myself in my raincoat, and the two puny towels, and didn’t get to sleep until well after 2am! I managed to request a second blanket, which did make Thursday night more bearable, but I was up by 5:24 this morning – freezing again! (And I have one of the 8:45 presentations to give!)

I went out to our lovely underground parking lot/cold war bunker-feel hallway around 6:50am and it smelled like diesel exhaust, as though the whole place was being vented by the air uptake from a bus garage!

The only “convenience” was not having to fret about transporation to Schulich, other than that, the accomodation is a rip-off! I just could not see myself being the poor first-year student who has to live in Pond Road for 8 months straight – especially in the November-March bleak period!


One response to “Accomodation in Residence

  1. I enjoyed my stay at Pond Road Residence. Like the other blogger, I was cold, but I should have brought warmer things with me–I was fooled by the extremely warm weather we had been having just prior to the conference! And the mattresses could have been more comfy–but overall, I thought it was a fine residence hall. I looked at it from the point of view of a student–there is a lot of customization that students could make, and the furniture and everything was in fine shape. I know that the furniture in the residences at my university is not that nice after three years of student use!

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